Seventh Generation Diapers (Stages 1-6)

by wootbot

Getting To The Bottom of It

“Why, doctor, you’re right! I’ve always resented my mother for buying those expensive, chemical-laden mainstream diapers!”

Here, take a tissue. It’s OK to cry. We call this a breakthrough.

“I don’t understand! Why didn’t she love me enough to buy dye-and-chlorine-free, hypoallergenic Seventh Generation Diapers? I know they were available on Woot for a great price. She could have bought them literally by the caseload. But no! She had to stick with the overpriced ones full of petroleum-based lotions, the ones processed with chlorine. Didn’t she care, doctor? Didn’t she care?

She cared, yes. She was just a person doing what she thought was best for you. Perhaps she thought the more environmentally friendly diapers would be less comfortable, less absorbent.

“But that’s ridiculous! Their cloth-like feel offers both maximum comfort and high absorbency! A mother who cared would know that!”

So we’ve uncovered the root of your problems. The question now is, what are you going to do with that knowledge?

“You’re right. I can’t carry this burden of bitterness anymore. I have to give myself permission to embrace the ownership of my feelings of forgiveness so that I give myself permission to embrace- wait, I’m going in circles here. I have to get over it, is the point.”

And how are you going to do that?

“I’m going to stop putting up with sleazy, manipulative men just because I’m anxious to get married. I’m going to realize I have worth as a person and stop pinning all my hopes for the future on raising a family. And I’m going to stockpile hundreds of Seventh Generation Diapers.”

Doesn’t that last one kind of contradict the other -

“That is so something my mother would say.”