Seventh Generation Diapers

by wootbot


We always have to be cafeful how much praise we give these Seventh Generation Diapers. Not because we don't like them. Because we don't want to be the only one changing the baby.

8:32 PM, TODAY: Olivia mutters under her breath while changing Ella's Stage 5 diaper.

8:32 PM, SEVERAL YEARS AGO: Olivia says "Wow, Mom! Those Seventh Generation Newborn Diapers sure are amazing, aren't they?" Michelle answers "You think so? Tell you what, why don't YOU change the baby this time?"

8:32 PM, A FEW YEARS AGO: Olivia folds the Stage 2 Seventh Generation Diaper and says loudly "I bet it would be nice if someone else did this next time!"

8:32 PM, LAST YEAR: Olivia reads a note from her mother: Be sure to switch up to the Stage 4 diaper today, honey! See you after Jake's soccer practice!

8:32 PM, A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO: Olivia lets Ella hold the Seventh Generation Stage 3 Diaper while gathering powder and wipes. Ella throws the Seventh Generation Diaper into the powder and laughs. Olivia dusts off her shirt, silently.

8:32 PM, NEXT YEAR: Olivia pushes the last of the Seventh Generation Diapers to the curb with the trash. "You were good diapers," she whispers, "but I'm happy to see you gone forever." Then she sticks out her tongue and runs back inside.

8:32 PM, THE FUTURE: Ella holds up her newborn daughter and asks Olivia if she can help with the changing. Olivia's face falls. She recommends the Seventh Generation Diapers and leaves the hospital. Ella and Olivia do not speak for the next half-decade. They never discuss why.