Seventh Generation Diapers

by wootbot


These environmentally responsible diapers are perfect for all sorts of potty emergencies.

It's 3:22 am. Michelle is awoken by the urgent cries for help from her middle child. She leaps out of bed and runs down the hallway where she finds Jake in the bathroom, standing on the edge of the tub, and pointing frantically at the toilet. It's overflowing. Water is gushing out and quickly submerging the floor. Pretty soon it'll reach the hallway, and the carpet will be ruined.

Michelle screams for Jake to run and bring back as many towels as he can find. She reaches down to turn off the valve. It breaks off into her hand. Now Michelle is screaming frantically for Tim. He and Olivia run in before they know the situation, and now their socks are drenched. Tim complains about that icky wet sock feeling because it's totally the worst.

Jake comes back with as many towels as he can carry, but there aren't enough. They quickly become super-saturated, unable to absorb any more. The water slowly creeps closer to the hallway. Tim runs to the basement to shut off the water main. Olivia unrolls a big wad of paper towels, but they disintegrate almost immediately upon contact.

Michelle wrings out the towels over the tub as quickly as she can, but her efforts are barely making a dent in the amassing pool. Ella peeks around the door to see what all the fuss is about, then disappears, presumably back to bed.

Tim successfully shuts down the water to the house, but the mess in the bathroom is now inches from the hallway carpet. Jake tries to bail as much as he can into the sink with the plastic Shrek collector's cup he got in a Happy Meal a while back, but nothing seems to be working.

Michelle, Olivia and Jake just stop and stare, helpless. The carpet will surely have to be replaced. But not for weeks after they file their insurance claim, and by then, the mildewy stench will surely have taken over the upstairs.

Suddenly, Ella reappears with a stack of Seventh Generation Diapers. She quickly builds a makeshift levee in the doorway, and the premium, cloth-like diapers free of fragrances, latex and petroleum-based lotions absorb enough of the water to give the others time to finish the clean-up.

Crisis averted. Carpet spared. All in a night's work for Super Ella.