Sesame Street Read-and-Sing Bundle

by wootbot

Those Who Don't Remember The Past

In the 4th Century, all books were read and sing, because that's how monks did stuff. Today, though, it's a novelty.

Imagine, if you will, your child was teleported back in time about two thousand years, give or take. Would they know how to build a car? Would they know how to recreate science? Would they know how to reproduce some of literature's greatest works? No, and neither would you. So let's set the bar a little lower, okay, helicopter parent? Why not start 'em out with reading and singing?

Sesame Street isn't nearly as 4th Century as, say, a list of mighty kings and conquerors, but it is an equally valid way to learn the language. Count ducks with Grover instead of counting how many traitors to the crown were imprisoned in the High Tower! Learn "please" and "thank you" with Elmo instead of "oh mighty pendragon throw me not to the wolves" with the King's Guard! And thrill to positive songs about going to school instead of, well, whatever it was that 4th Century peasant children did all day.

Maybe they're not quite like an ornate tapestry that wraps about the room and glitters in the firelight, but this bundle of books is pretty respectable in their own way.