Sesame Street Read and Sing Bundle

by wootbot

Revenge Of The Revenge

A child needs a nice safe world full of happy songs and friendly Muppets. An adult, however, can see that same world a little differently.

- Yes, hi, I'm Alex, I called ahead about the Sesame Street Read and Sing Bundle?

- Oh, of course, of course, sir. Please, I've gathered it all for you back at the counter.

- Now, before I pay for these Sesame Street books, I just want to double-check everything. I brought my list, do you mind if I just...

- No, no, sir! Absolutely not! You go ahead, let's make sure we get everything just perfect.

- Great! So, first up… is that the Nursery Rhymes With Elmo where he sings songs about famous characters from childhood rhymes?

- It absolutely is, sir. Humpty Dumpty, The Old Woman In The Shoe, Mary and her Lamb, the whole nine yards.

- Good, good. And now, I also want to make sure there's a copy of Elmo & Friends At The Farm in there.

- Absolutely, there absolutely is. As you likely know, the breakout single from that one is...

- "A Little Cat, Cat, Cat" right, exactly. And I also want to be sure that one about saying please and thank you is in there.

- That's Elmo's Favorite Songs! Yes, sir, I put that in myself, right beside Get Ready For School!

- I appreciate that, man, I really do. And you've also got Read & Sing With Elmo, Read & Sing With Big Bird, and Read & Sing With Cookie Monster?

- Not only that, I threw in Read & Sing With Abby Cadabby. Just call that a little bonus.

- Hey, thank you! Okay, I think that's the whole list covered then. I really appreciate all the work you put into this for me.

- Not a problem at all, sir. I just want to make sure your child is happy and singing all day long.

- Oh, ha ha! I appreciate that, but I don't even have kids. These are for something else.

- Oh, really?

- Yeah. Nothing against the CDs, of course, I'm sure they're great for younger listeners. But I'm gonna replace my suitemate's Skrillex CDs with these. We're kinda in the middle of a prank war, you know how it goes.

- …well, good luck, I guess.

- Hey, thanks, man!