Scholastic Storybook Classics DVD Bundle - Your Choice

by wootbot

TV Listings

When it comes to your child, you only want the very best entertainment. That's a segue, you know.


Channel 2 - Vampire Cops Vlad and Honey need to entertain Dracula's kid, or they won't get promoted! Will Vlad find the Scholastic DVD Bundles in time?

Channel 3 - Carchitect (Premiere) Half architect, half car, Simon DeSignear must harness his powers before the NSA tracks him down and takes the keys.

Channel 4 - George-IA Twenty-five men named George buy an Iowa farm and try to make it work. For entertainment, they are given the Scholastic DVD Bundle containing Curious George, and other famous books translated into video form!

Channel 5 - Piano Football The New England Prodigy face off against the Florida Middle Pedals to decide who takes home the Golden Bench.

Channel 6 - Bohannon Jones, Master Of The Second Dimension Bohannon must use his command over width to stop an invading alien fleet. Thankfully, the Scholastic DVD Bundle is a 2D video and ideal for watching on a TV or computer screen. Bohannon wins again!

Channel 7 - Eye On Hard-hitting journalism investigates a new topic each week. Tonight: Who at Channel 6 keeps putting spoilers in the TV listings?

Channel 8 - Weather Or Not A special on snow includes a screening of "Snow Day," included in a certain Scholastic DVD Bundle. Second half: how to protect yourself from frogs and locusts after your sinful neighbor wrecks it for you.

Channel 9 - A Priest, A Rabbi, And A Bartender Father Michael decides to spice up Happy Hour at Louie's with a screening of the Scholastic DVD Bundle, but Rabbi Hershel can't find a cab!