Rugged Bear Girl's Cover Ups 4-Colors

by wootbot

Got It Covered

A nice cover-up at the beach will keep your kid warm, dry, happy, and possibly full of all the things she wants to take home with her.

Come on now, sweetheart, show Mommy what you've hidden in your terrycloth cover-up. No, don't lie to Mommy, I can see you have something gathered up in the ruffled skirt. And what's that in your hood? Come here, let me see what you've gotten into.

What's this? A shell? It's very pretty, isn't it? I see how you've washed it off in the water. Oh, do you have something else in there? Is that a crab? Well, no, we don't want to take that home as a pet. Let's set him down on the shore. Bye crab! Say goodbye to Mr. Crab!

Now, let's just... is that a plank from the boardwalk? How did you even- you know what, never mind. We'll just set that here, and wipe off alll the fingerprints... there. Now, before we walk away, is there anything else you collected?

Oh, I see. Well, don't you think that baby whale would like to be back with his pod? Yes, that's right, just help me oof push this uff back into the ocean...