Regalo Home Accents Extra-Wide Walk Through Gate

by wootbot

True Wuff

I was just a child, then. I said "Meet me at the Regalo Gate." She said "Woof." But I knew by the way she said it, she would be there.

They said I was too young to love. Just a baby, they said. But then I saw her. Those soft brown eyes. That rich brown coat. The way her tongue dangled. And I knew she was mine. Partially from the way my heart felt, partially because of the little tag on her collar that said so.

But I was in the living room. And she? She was in the kitchen. And yet I knew we were still together. We walked to the big Regalo Gate together and stared. It was too tall for us to reach over, too much for us to overcome. We were small, you see. But our love? Our love was real.

And so I reached through the gate and ran my hand down her silky coat, and she made a small wining noise. And that is how we stayed, she and I. And it was enough.

And then, of course, Daddy came in and unlocked the gate because it was really easy for him and the dog and I got to go into the backyard and play and OH BOY was that FUN!