Record-A-Story Books

by wootbot

Totally Not Posed

Those touching family moments don't just happen. You've got to have a Record-A-Story Book to use as moment bait! Otherwise you'll NEVER get the really cute photos.

Amanda had learned that, in her house, silence meant something horrible was going on. She didn't expect to find Mackenzie sitting quietly next to Gavin with a Record-A-Story Book.

Gavin wasn't really happy or sad, he just was. But he seemed to enjoy the sounds coming from the Record-A-Story Book in Mackenzie's hands, and he certainly recognized Amanda's voice coming from the Record-A-Story Book. She'd saved 96 seconds of audio, just as a test, about how much she loved her children and how she hoped they'd have a Merry Christmas. And now, Mackenzie was making a point to let her little brother hear it.

"Hi, Mommy!" Mackenzie said in her sweetest voice. "I just want Gavin to know how much he's loved. Would you like to read with us?"

Amanda didn't know what to say. Her eyes were wet. This is just the moment she'd hoped for, that every parent hoped for. One of those sweet, lovely, adorable, movie-like... movie-like!

Amanda ran out of the room to get the camera. Mackenzie closed the Record-A-Story Book and picked up a second.

"She'll be back in just a minute, Gavin. Keep doing what you're doing. Because if I don't make the front of the Christmas card this year, you're going to pay for it."

Gavin gurgled his agreement.