RC Thunder Tumbler - Your Choice!

by wootbot

It's All About Friendship

Three cars, two frequencies. Choose which single car you like best. But remember: the red and the blue won't race each other!

RED CAR: When I first entered the Hall of the Racing Ninjas, I took an oath. An oath that I would never drive against my brother.

BLUE CAR: My big brother vanished from my life when I was very young. I always looked up to him. I became a racer to be like him. Imagine my shock the day I found he was driving the mysterious Red Car!

RED CAR: I knew it was my little brother in the blue car. I didn't even think about it. I withdrew immediately. What are millions of dollars in sponsorship money when family is on the line?

BLACK CAR: I swore to destroy the Hall of the Racing Ninjas, and I don't care who gets in my way!



BLACK CAR: Nyahahaha!

RED CAR: My brother and I will defeat you, villain!

BLUE CAR: Yes! If I cannot beat you, he surely will!

BLACK CAR: Make your choice then, colorful fools! But know this: whoever races me first... MAY DIE!!!

MOMMY: Dear, do you think our children are watching too many Japanese cartoons?

DADDY: Nonsense. I grew up watching Speed Racer and I turned out just fine.

MOMMY: There's an engine block on our stove and tires on the dining room table.

DADDY: Yep. Juuuust fine.