RC Nemesis Battle Copters

by wootbot

Get To Da Choppa

If you have a Nemesis and another Nemesis, what do you get? Nemesises? Nemesi? Someone write in and let us know, thanks in advance.

Why are we so sure that your kids will enjoy these remote-controlled Nemesis Battle Helicopters? Two words. Roller. Ball.

Technically those aren't two different words. But we split it up to make our point better.

You see, back in a long-ago golden age, there was a movie that combined roller derby and football with- well, that's not important. What IS important is that the idea of head-to-head gladiatorial combat sounded like an awful lot of fun, and a great many living room couches were ruined through the serious gladiatorial jumping.

Today, of course, our kids would laugh at Rollerball in any form. But they know what helicopters are, right? And when you hand them two helicopters that are designed to be stable AND zap each other with LED laser tag lights... well, it's probably not going to be hard to convince them to at least give it a shot. And the moment they find that using a remote control box is pretty much exactly the same as using a joystick? That's the moment you've got 'em hooked for life. Or the moment you have to go and buy a second pack for yourself.

If it helps, you can pretend James Caan is the pilot.