Razor Ultra Pro Dragon Scooter

by wootbot

Above The Law

This scooter is super tough! But probably NOT designed for use by actual dragons. They're pretty big for people toys.

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! The Council Of Dragons is now called to order! Today we stand before young Vandlebarg, accused of a crime most foul: fraternization with humanity!

Booo! For shame!

Silence! Silence in the court! Bailiff Thurgundrang, bring forth the evidence. Bring forth that accursed Razor Ultra Pro Scooter.

Young Vandlebarg, do you recognize this Razor Scooter? And is this the one that you were riding when you zipped past Lady Wiglagpaz and knocked her golden hat into a puddle of mud?

Now, Mr. Fivvigsnag, don't play the "hatchlings will be hatchlings" card on me, sir! You may be Vandlebarg's lawyer, but none of your tricks will work here! I'm already well aware this Razor is designed for durability and performance! See that rigid tube, sir! See that double welding! See that aircraft grade aluminum deck and rubberized grips! Sit down, sir! Sit down!

Bailiff Thurgundrang, bring in my judging chaps. Yes, the patent-leather ones. I'm feeling extra judgy today.

Ah, there we are. Now then, young Vandlebarg, it is the decision of this court that the Razor Ultra Pro Scooter is to be confiscated immediately, and given to me, a dragon of more maturity and coolness. Bailiff, bring me my new kick scooter, I'm anxious to take it for a ride. No, Fivvigsnag, you've said QUITE enough! One more word and you'll be in contempt!

Here I go! WHEEEEEEEEEEE! WHEEEEEEEEE! WHEEEEEE- oh, Lady Wiglagpaz, I am ever so sorry, I didn't see you there. Please, let me pick up and return your hat.