Pre-School Trucks- Your Choice!

by wootbot


Don't think about what YOU'D do with these little interactive trucks. Think about what your KID would do.

To a kid, a house isn't just a house. It's an unfenced playground. A wide-open space of infinite possibility.

And to a kid, these toy trucks aren't toys. They're modes of transporting imagination. That Tonka Race Along Chuck dump truck isn't carrying toy blocks. It's hauling creativity.

You see, everyday items become things of wonder through the eyes of a child. For instance, that's not a brand new five-pound box of cake flour your son has dumped in the middle of the living room and tracked through the entire house just so he has something to scoop up with his fun little Caterpillar wheel loader. It's a dusty white mound of exhilaration.

If only we all shared that same childlike vision. We'd no longer view the unrolling of an entire case of toilet paper for the sole purpose of collecting cardboard tubes to use as construction barrels as wasteful. We'd see it how our children see it: Sheer elation.

So the next time your child loads up the back of his Big Rumbler Dump Truck with a "cement" he's concocted from toothpaste and cold cream and then proceeds to spread it out all over your vintage Cosmo collection in an effort to "build a good foundation," don't look at it as wanton destruction. See it for what it really is: Pure, unadulterated glee.