Pop Up Multi-Use Family Cabana

by wootbot

It's A Regional Thing

Who's up for spending this Independence DAy enjoying a few rounds of that traditional family game, "What Rhymes With Cabana?"

You know the rules, right? Sure you do! You used to play this all the time growing up! But just in case, I'll refresh your memory. I pick a word, and you tell us if it rhymes with the Pop-Up Family Cabana here. You know, the cabana tent that's over seven feet long, four feet wide, and nearly four feet tall.

Are you ready? Okay then, let's play!

The first word is... banana. Banana. Think hard. Time's up! What's your answer?

Wow, you're good at this. Okay, wanna play again? Remember, you're trying to tell me if the word I pick rhymes with the cabana tent that pops open into the proper shape, thanks to the spring-steel construction. Still your mind. Prepare yourself. Ready?

The second word is...Montana. Montana. They call it the Canada of the South. Time's up! Did you get it?

Man, oh, man! Do you play this game professionally? Wanna go one more time? Okay, we're gonna get tricky now. Tell us if this word DOESN'T rhyme with the cabana tent that blocks 98% of Ultraviolet rays from the sun. Three, two, one...

Diorama. Di. Oh. Rama. Tick tock, contestant. Time to decide. Time's up! What do you say?

Hahahaha! That's WRONG! The house wins again! Now, for the next topic: soda or pop?