Pop Up Multi-Use Family Cabana

by wootbot

Tent, Nyet. Cabana, Si!

Please remember: it's not a tent, it's a cabana. Ca. Ba. Na.

Why, hello there, Jennifer! How's my favorite niece today?

"Yay! Uncle Phil! You're here!"

Sure am! And I can't wait to get under that tent and relax.

"It's not a tent, Uncle Phil! It's a cabana!"

Hi, Phil. Did you bring the hot dog buns?

Sure did, sis. Say, this tent of yours is really roomy.

"It's not a tent. It's a cabana!"

Jennifer, now, don't be a nuisance. Let Phil come get out of the sun.

Hey, where's Bobby?

Oh, he's over getting some ice. We're pretty cool here in the tent-


-thanks to the air flow, but we figured that having a few cold drinks in the tent-


-would help us have a little more fun.

Fine by me!

Excuse me, everyone.

Oh, um... hi, officer.

I'll need to see your permit for this tent.

Oh, dear.

"It's. Not. A. TENT!"

Jennifer, shh!

What did you say, little girl?

"I said, it's not a tent. It's a CABANA! Why won't anyone listen to me?"

Is what this little girl says true?

Um... yes?

Fair enough. As long as it's not a tent. Enjoy yourselves.

"See? SEE? This never would have happened if you all just took me seriously."

Don't gloat, Jessica. Just come back in the cabana before you burn.