Plum Organic Snacks (40ct) - 4 Flavors

by wootbot

Wave of the Future

Eating fruit shaped like actual fruit is for suckers.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what it would be like to live in the future. I wonder about things like what will people wear? Where will they live? What will they do for fun?

One thing I don't wonder about is what they will eat. I already know the answer to that. They'll eat Plum Organic snacks. Of that, I am certain.

The future will be all about efficiency. Everyone will be uber health-conscious, but no one will have time to de-pit peaches or eat around apple cores. Plus, landfills will be a thing of the past, thanks in part to fancy space lasers that can obliterate a piece of trash with one tiny zap, but also to Plum Organics for creating healthy, REAL-fruit snacks that you can peel and eat as you go, or use to suck up your cereal milk. Efficiency!

But don't mistake efficiency for weird sciencey manipulation. Plum Organics are made with non-GMO ingredients, so you can be sure your fruit snacks weren't grown on the side of a rodent or in a petri dish.

What you can't be sure about is why you never ate crunchy yogurt before now! Probably because no one thought to make it before now. The future!