Plum Mish Mash - 24 Pouches -3 Flavors

by wootbot

Plum Delicious

10 out of 10 cows agree! But cows can't talk, so we don't know what they agree on. We hope it's on how delicious these Plum Organics snacks can be.

This is Bossie Jo. She's a cow mover and a cow shaker. She's making things happen in the pasture and she's always getting her milk in before the deadline. What did she have to say about these Plum Organic Snacks?


And why? Because the Plum Organic snacks are pouches full of health and taste, with no trans fats, no GMO ingredients, and no added sugar, color or flavors. They're made for little hands and they can freeze to help beat the summer heat!

But don't just take Bossie Jo's word for it. Let's ask Cinderbell, the cow that spends most of her time over by the big tree. She's the joker of the group, always coming back late and living her life to the fullest. And what does she have to say about the Plum Organic snacks?


Wise words indeed, Cinderbell. And we think everyone will agree.