Playhut Luxury House with Accessories

by wootbot


Remember: any song you sing in this is technically "house music" under the law.

This Playhut Luxury House is full of many great, kid-friendly features. It's fun for parties, great for sunny afternoons in the backyard, and even has flap doors and mesh windows! Plus it can hold ten kids, so you can explain what the word "decimation" means by forcing one of them to leave the house in tears. Kid won't ever forget THAT lesson.

Which is not to say it's GOOD to exile one child to the harsh wildness just beyond the Converter Tunnel Entryway. Just that, if you attempt it, make sure it's a real learning experience. When one-tenth of the kids are outside crying WHY CAN'T I COME IN THE ATTACHED SCREEN ROOM you can turn to the other kids and say "See? Now our group is decimated! And because of his sacrifice, you'll never again use that word incorrectly."

Even though the Playhut Luxury House could be fun for all, sacrifices must still be made in the pursuit of knowledge. It's for the greater good.