Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Toys

by wootbot

You Be Trippin

Your kid's gonna be one boat away from living a Burt Bacharach song. And they might not even know who that is!

If you had to ride in a car, on a train, and then in a plane, it might just be the worst time of your life. But to a little kid who loves to go-go-go? All that travel sounds like an AMAZING way to spend the day!

And why, you may ask? That's a simple question to answer. Because little kids don't know about gas prices, body scanners, heartburn from bad fast food, horrible bathrooms, uncomfortable seats ... well, look. We grown-ups could whine all day about how much better it is to be at home. But to a little kid? Traveling means freedom! And what's more important to a child than the freedom to travel the world?

Frankly, buying these planes and cars and trains as fun children's toys is the best way to give them the dream without the reality. Imagine the fun your child can have as they zip a car carrying truck down the highway without being in a booster seat! Or how excited they'll be to walk the little wooden people right up to a train that isn't six hours late! And don't forget the childish joy of seeing their friends off right at the gate (without a ticket!) the way that Grandpa used to do!

To get your kid an experience like this, you've either got to take a time machine back to the late 1950s or buy into this happy wooden playset bundle. And if you've got a time machine, why are you hanging around here? Go back and punch Stalin in the face!