P'Kolino White Chalk Table and Benches

by wootbot

The Cupcake Chronicles

Sit on a bench and draw? More like TRAVEL THE UNIVERSE OF IMAGINATION IN YOUR MIND!!!! while sitting on a bench and drawing.

"Talk to me, General Cupcake. Tell me something here."

There's not much to tell, Lord Johnny. As you can see from the diagram on our P'Kolino Chalk Table, the Forces of Evil are surrounding Justice Mountain. The enemy is represented by tiny X shapes. We're the O shapes. I see no way to escape.

"Not so fast, General. Hand me that chalk."

Well, certainly, Lord Johnny. After all, you are the high ruler of this imaginary kingdom. I'm merely the cupcake you're pretending is your general. But as a master of strategy, I must say that- OH MY HEAVENS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

"I'm changing the game, General Cupcake. By wiping the slate clean."

But... you just... you erased them all! They're gone!

"That's right, General Cupcake. But don't you worry. All I have to do is rotate the tabletop to the clean, white surface and... there! We've escaped! And no one's there to follow us! We win!"

Lord Johnny! But... what about the X shapes? Where did they go?

"Oh, you. So sensitive! Fine, let's flip over the chalkboard to the white side and get some drawing supplies which were not included with purchase from the hidden compartment. Here, you take that piece of paper, and I'll take this one. We'll draw these X shapes a happy ending."

Mine's at the pool, drinking lemonade!

"Mine's going skiing in the cotton candy hills! Wheee!"

Mine's at a movie premiere, with his favorite stars!

"Mine just defeated a dragon, and married a princess!"

Lord Johnny, you're a genius! You saved our lives, and make the x people live happily ever after! Our land is free from war!

"You're right, General Cupcake! So now, we have no more need of generals! I'm afraid it's time for me to eat you."

I understand, sir. Bon Appetit.