P'kolino Klick Desk - 3 Colors

by wootbot

There There

Today's interesting childhood designs are tomorrow's "Wow, that's my dream office!"

Do you remember watching Space:1999? Or Star Trek? Or Doctor Who? Or The Prisoner? In every one of those shows, there was someone with a cool office, and a cool chair, and a cool desk. And every kid who saw them thought WOW! I WANT A DESK THAT LOOKS LIKE THE ONE ON insert show here WHEN I GROW UP! And now, what do we have? Cubicles. Modular cubicles.

So we're suggesting a different approach here. Let's get our kids these P'kolino Klick Desks, and teach them the beauty of squares. They're space saving, easy to move around, they look awful nice and modern, and they're just the thing for a child's room, be it for homework or coloring.

And then, when the kids grow up, they'll remember these nice birch plywood modular designs. And what will they do? That's right. They'll do what all kids do. They'll rebel and find new directions!

And then, maybe at last we can get workplaces lit with weird violet light and strange see-saw guys and nifty x-shaped cross-beams and sweet windows and LOOK US GEN X TYPES ARE GETTING OLDER, OKAY? WE WERE PROMISED THAT WE'D GET TO LIVE ON THE MOON! WE'RE DESPERATE, WE'LL TRY ANYTHING AT THIS POINT!

Fine, fine. It's never going to happen. At least your kids in their pretty P'kolino Klick Desks will have more reasonable dreams.

Stupid baby boomers setting the bar so high.