PediSedate: Video Games Are The Opiate Of The Masses' Children

by Jason Toon

It's easy to see PediSedate as a disturbing symbol of everything wrong with our culture today blah blah blah. The idea does sound like something out of Aldous Huxley by way of Attack of the Show: a headset that delivers sedatives to kids while said kids are engaged in playing hand-held video games. And the device itself looks a little unsettling. But as a parent who has seen how freaked out my daughter got when she had to be sedated for oral surgery, I think it's actually a great idea. One thing, though: their marketing material only talks about how it's compatible with the Game Boy. The manufacturers should name-drop the Nintendo DS if they really want to reach the kids of today. Or at least the kids in my house.

What's your impression of PediSedate: sign of the digital apocalypse or innovative way to make medical procedures a little easier on kids? And do you wish they came in adult sizes?