Pampers Natural Stages Sets

by wootbot

Party Mommy

No, you're not seeing things. Out of our desperate attempt to be rich love for giving you options, we've added a little something extra for today. Come on in and check it out!

Moms, you aren't old yet, are you? Every now and then you'll bust out the blue eyeshadow and those black heels that are roughly as high as your baby and hit the town. Maybe it's with the gals, maybe it's with that special fella, maybe it's just you and a martini, talking to that cute bartender who never asks you to pay. Wherever it is, you want to know that your baby is safe, warm and well-fed. So idiot-proof the bottle set and you won't have to worry.

A nice bottle set means your child can be fed with ease, even when Grandma is handing them the bottle. If they're just starting out, try the All-In-One Set, to cover Stages 1-3, If they're a little older, try the Big Kids Set, covering Stages 3-5. Get 'em used to the bottles when you're there and they'll be perfectly happy with 'em when you're gone.

Which is good for you, because you spent a LOT of money on those heels, and you only used them, what, once? Twice, maybe? And it's not like you can wear them while changing diapers.