Organic Mashups 24pcs (4 Flavors)

by wootbot


And the man at the back said "Everybody snack!" and they served 'em up Blueberry Blitz! And also, a few other flavors that tasted equally sweet.

Little kids want to have fun and they want to be moving. It's one of the reasons they might yawn when you put on "Heroes" but come running when you put on Let's Dance. So we feel it's not hyperbole to say THESE PLUM ORGANIC MASHUP SNACKS ARE LITERALLY THE GREATEST THING THE WORLD HAS PRODUCED SINCE GLAM ROCK.

Even setting aside the obvious "Blueberry Blitz" for a moment, look at the other named. "Mixed Berry" could have been a five piece combo with a respectable hit and some session work from a young Jimmy Page. "Strawberry Banana" might have been a group with a Top Forty hit that propelled the lead singer into a songwriting career which culminated in a #1 country song around 1981. And don't forget "Tropical Fruit", who would most likely have released a landmark disco album that was somehow totally ignored by critics and ultimately was ignored until an influential 2001 re-release. Plus they taste great and they're made in the USA!

We like to think of them as power pop for the taste buds. But if you're not really a music fan, we can come up with a different metaphor too. Did you ever watch The Orbots? We can do a GREAT bit about The Orbots if you'd like.

Yeah, whatever, we understand. Nobody ever wants to hear about The Orbots.