Octagon Table & 4 Stools w/ Umbrella

by wootbot

Step Into The Octagon

Five children enter! One child leaves! Because there are only four stools!

It’s not exclusionary, not really. Part of the thrill of martial arts is the ranking system. Let’s face it, if you want to be strong enough to step into a KidKraft Wood Outdoor Octagon Table & Chairs with Umbrella, you can’t be a pushover, you can’t be easily scared away. You have to know that the weather-resistant Sanmu wood, the very wood that could one day be covered with the blood of your opponents, is as sturdy as your skill with the deadly striped umbrella.

Only the finest four can sit at this KidKraft Wood Octagon Outdoor Table & Chairs with Umbrella. Are you brave enough to take your place at this table? Are you boy or girl enough… for the octagon?