NERF Vortex Nitron

by wootbot

The Study

No, you're not seeing things. Out of our desperate attempt to be rich love for giving you options, we've added a little something extra for today. Come on in and check it out!

"DAD!" Olivia was yelling from the front door. "I CAN'T COME IN, I'VE GOT MUD ON MY SHOES! CAN YOU HAND ME JAKE'S NERF VORTEX NITRON?"

Tim decided it was best for him if he just did what he was told and pretended he didn't know anything.

Olivia set the NERF Vortex Nitron by the very edge of the driveway, perfectly aligned. She snapped in the discs and did a little inventory. NERF Vortex Nitron. Notebook. Tape Measure.

Olivia let the first few discs fly, then grabbed the tape measure and ran down the driveway. It was a good distance, but then, her family's driveway was sort of long. Olivia made a note, and left the discs where they'd fallen.

A few quick changes and the experiment was ready for a second run. Olivia turned on the Centerfire Tech Electronic Scope and aligned her NERF Vortex Nitron with the garage door. Three. Two. One. And the discs were tapping the wood and plastic. Olivia made a second note, then gathered her things. She was halfway done.

With her back to the garage door, Olivia began again. The discs, the scope, the launching, the measurement, the repetition, and then she was back at the road again. With all her things under her arms, Olivia moved to the porch, where she began to crunch the numbers.

Tim had been watching all this from the living room window, and now he peeked out of the door.


"Benjamin Franklin, Dad." Olivia called without looking up.

Tim cleared his throat.

"Benjamin Franklin! The Gulf Stream? Seriously, dad, we just learned about it in school."

Tim nodded helplessly. Olivia huffed.

"Fine. I'm collecting data for no reason to see what I'll learn. Just like Ben Franklin did."

"So you needed the NERF Vortex Nitron-"

"To calculate distance. And now I'm tabulating the raw data so that I can-"

Tim held up his hands. "Yeah, wholesome stuff. I get the idea. Just come in if you get cold, okay?"

Olivia promised she would.