NeoTracks 258pc Glow-in-the-Dark Race Set

by wootbot

Night Driving

It took a long time to get to glow-in-the-dark bendable track with transparent vehicles.

All of human history has been building to the point in which we currently live. This time, in which children can find five colors of track, light-up transparent emergency vehicles with teeny black lights that make the glow-in-the-dark track glow as they speed past, is the most wonderful of all times. But it wasn't always that way...

1692: Children gather around the courtyard stocks to send tiny pinecone witches racing across woven straw track, in ridicule of the condemned of Salem.

1888: The youth of Whitechapel send tin carriages over the cobblestones in a game they call "Flee The Ripper!" Newspapers condemn it as "unwholesome and not at all cricket!"

1904: Thomas Edison steals a small pewter racing car from Nikola Tesla's toybox, then rushest to the patent office to take credit for the invention of the automobile, the tire, the car radio, the trunk, the engine, the concept of racing, and pewter.

1929: Henry Ford famously tells people they can race any cars they like, as long as the track is black.

TODAY: Many colors, lights, and 252 track pieces! Truly, the future is now.