NABI 7" Touchscreen Tablet for Kids

by wootbot


Tired of your 4+ year old trashing your iPad settings? Teach 'em the first rule of security: GET YOUR OWN TABLET.

Ella stared over Jake's shoulder at the NABI 7" Touchscreen Tablet for Kids. Stared with a longing that she'd never felt before. With this device ... she could finally take her place among the greats.

"See here, Professor VonSnobbypants!" said the man at the back of the class. "What you've just taught about physics is all wrong! Look at this paper from the mysterious and unknown genius only known as 'La'!"

In the back of the class, a young woman turned to whisper to her friend. "They say 'La' only communicates via a special Android tablet."

"Can she access the web with it?"

"Yes, but only via a special 'Mommy Mode' controlled with a password that-"

"Quite down there!" shouted VonSnobbypants. "And what does this impudent 'La' have to say about my theory on wormholes as they related to thirty-six dimensional space-time?"

"Well-" the man gulped. "She says ... she says that, based on her study of economics using the Treasure Box Rewards app-"

"What hogwash!" said the professor.

"-and with what she's learned of human nature from watching kids-safe entertainment on Spinlets+ TV-"

"Utter piffle!"

"-and thanks to her study of classic e-books on the 800x480 screen-"

"More like comic books, if you ask me!"

"-this 'La' has proven that you, sir, do not even exist!"

"What?" said Professor VonSnobbypants arrogantly. "That's not even possible! How can this upstart say that ... no ... no ... NOOOOOOO!"

As the class looked on, Professor VonSnobbypants began to glow.

"I'll get you, 'La'!" he yelled as he ceased to exist. "Somehow, I'll get youuuuuuu!"

Jake patted his little sister on the head.

"Are you dreaming about the NABI 7" Touchscreen Tablet for Kids, Ella?"

Ella nodded. Jake laughed.

"Don't worry, Squirt. You'll be old enough one day."