NABI-2 7" Touchscreen Tablet for Kids

by wootbot

Let's make it totally clear: this is a NABI 2. For real. We checked. We even asked a grown up, just to be extra sure we didn't mess anything up.

Tim knew that he'd sometimes forget to turn the NABI 2's "Mommy mode" back on after he was done reading the news, so he tried to peek at the little Android tablet as often has he could, just to be sure nobody was getting away with anything. That's how he saw he son had been looking up these words: the best way to admit a mistake.

Naturally, Tim wanted to know more about the reason.

A quick look showed him that Jake hadn't been in any Internet trouble, which was very reassuring. Tim had decided on the NABI 2 because of all the "mom-selected" apps, and he was glad THOSE were still as kid-safe as ever. It also wasn't the cartoons, which was good, since Tim had to pay a little bit extra to subscribe to those. And he knew it wasn't the music, because as a long-time music fan himself- well, music wasn't going to lead any son of his astray.

Really, there weren't a lot of clues available. Jake's Chore List was as prioritized as ever, the Treasure Box seemed all in order, and the passwords for Mommy Mode were still secure and unbroken. Anything Jake did wrong, it wasn't because of the NABI 2.

Tim walked up the stairs, wondering how to talk to his son about- well, whatever had happened. And at the top of the stairs, there was Jake, holding something behind his back.

"Dad, I want to tell you something."

"Okay," Tim answered. Jake took a deep breath.

"I asked some people, and it seems like the best way to admit a mistake is to just admit it."

"I think that's a good idea," Tim agreed. Jake looked at the ground.

"Okay, so ... here goes. Dad?"

"Yes, Jake?"

From behind his back, Jake brought out Tim's original copy of Dark Side Of The Moon. On vinyl. With a long and terrible scratch down the center. Tim closed his eyes for just a moment, fighting between furious collector and father proud his son had told the truth. Ultimately, the father won.

Tim patted his son on the shoulder. "Jake, you did the right thing telling me. So now, two things are going to happen."

Jake looked nervously at the ground. Tim waved toward the music room.

"First, I'm going to teach you how to PROPERLY play a record. And second, we're going to get on that NABI 2, turn off the Mommy Mode, and you and I are going to find an even BETTER copy of that record to start off YOUR collection."

Jake grinned. "Wow, Dad! But, um, I actually think I'm more into cassettes."

Tim glared. "Don't push it, kid. You're already on thin ice."