My Work Bench or In My Kitchen!

by wootbot

Toy: Confidential

Some kids like to cook. Some kids like to build. Either way, they can have a reality show all to themselves.

Of course it goes without saying that these particular toys aren't split across gender lines. Your little boy can play Gordon Ramsay and your little girl can play, well, maybe there's not a good reality show about construction workers yet. But there should be, right? That would have some serious true-life drama!

But if your kids want to swap, well, that's okay too. Your little girl can play Cat Cora just as easily as your little boy can play... um... dang! There really AREN'T any good construction-based TV shows! "And why not?" is what we say! After all, everyone loves to build stuff like robots and cars. And turning nuts and bolts with a 37-piece tool set is extremely fulfilling!

Just think of the success of cooking shows, and how much fun your child will have imagining the all-in-one oven, stove top and sink are helping them win the battle against a different, less capable chef. Like, what is that? Squash ravioli? Pffft! That'll never beat their lobster-squash lasagna bake! Ha ha! The Durable Solid Wood Chef wins again!

Now, why can't TV transpose that level of excitement into the drama of construction work? We're telling you, producers. You're looking at a gold mine, the likes of which you haven't seen since Pawn Stars. If you don't believe us, ask a kid. Building and cooking are both equally fun!