Munchkin Mighty Grip Variety Pack

by wootbot


Hell hath no fury like a munchkin scorned.

You wanna talk about a mighty grip? Try prying a cell phone out of an obstinate toddler's grimy little mitts. All I gotta say is, good luck with that.

To be fair, the contour of these cups was a good idea. But if you REALLY want something that's easy to hold for even the smallest hands, you should take some design cues from Apple or Samsung.

The great thing about these cups, however, is that the built-in valve makes them spill- and leak-proof. If and when you do manage to get your kid to release his death grip on your phone, one of two things is going to happen. He's either going to be totally cool with it and sit quietly while happily sipping his apple juice, or he's going to morph into some devil-like creature with glowing red eyes and a throwing arm that just won't quit.

Either way, you're covered.