Munchkin Baby Wipes - 736 Wipes 2-Choices

by wootbot

High Society

Green Tea & Cucumber or Shea Butter? People, these aren't wipes. This is a tea party menu.

One day, your child will climb the stairs of the most powerful bank in the land and stand beside the sons and daughters of the ultra-rich. And, on that day, one of the .0001%-ers will ask "Tell me, new employee... with what sort of wipe were you cleaned as a child?"

If your child can't name a product that would be right at home on the menu of a garden party, a path of advancement will then be forever closed.

So it's vital your child be wiped with one of these Munchkin Wipes here today. A Green Tea & Cucumber wipe will let them understand just how clean the Upper Class can be, while a Shea Butter wipe will feel as gentle and soft as a leather-bound portfolio of well-diversified stocks, bonds and metals.

Anyone can learn the popular names in fashion and the way to tell real diamonds from fake. Anyone can memorize the best years for champagne and where to park for the country club. But the feel of a classy wipe across your innocent bottom? You can't teach that later in life. You either experience it early, or miss it forever.

Are you willing to deny your child their future?