by wootbot

Gearly Beloved

A child is like a machine. You build it yourself, and you need to know how to handle the repairs.

It's best you teach your child early on the joy of working with machines, such as this Smithsonian Motor Works devicey-thing. Why is it best? Oh, customer. We're surprised at you. How can you not know the answer to that question?

You want your child to know machines because, in your child's lifetime, they're going to have one of two options. Either they're going to need to work on the robot overlords that lounge in the hovering doom platforms (and thus require an understanding of machines) or they're going to need to rebuild civilization from scratch after the war against the hovering doom platforms comes to a conclusion (and thus require an understanding of machines) and either way the magic hands begin here!

Let your child prep for an uncertain future that is pretty much guaranteed to be dark and sinister no matter what. Motors are the key!