Momeni Lil' Mo 4' x 6' Tufted Rug

by wootbot

The Ultimate Decision

Let your child stand upon their choice of animals or robots. They'll be unto a King! A mighty and fearsome KING!

"Oh, powerful one!" said the tiny whale. "We beseech thee! Choose us as your favorite creature!"


"Don't listen!" cried the giraffe. "Animals are the best!"

"THERE-IS-NO-SUPPORTING-DATA!" interjected the colorful retro-style robot. "CURRENT-TRENDS-SUPPORT-AUTOMATONS-IN-FULL."

"No!" squeaked the bunny. "Our soft mod-acrylic is best!"

"OUR-SOFT-MOD-ACRYLIC-IS-EQUAL." clarified the brownish robot with no eyes. "ALSO-ROBOTS-ARE-JUST-COOLER-LOOKING."

"That's not a wise judgement call," said the owl.

"STICK-IT-UP-YOUR-TREE." said the happy purple robot.

"Peter?" said Peter's Mom. "Did you and Jake decide which rug you want to buy for the playroom?

"Just five more minutes, Mom?" asked Peter.

"Yeah!" agreed Jake. "I haven't really got the voice for the squirrel just yet."