Mobi TykeLight Bundle

by wootbot

It's Just A Dream... Isn't It?

A Mobi TykeLight Bundle might not be able to chase away the nightmares. But it'll help comfort you once they end.

In her dream, Olivia was sitting at her desk, doing her homework. "A Plus, Olivia!" the teacher said. "But you're not done yet!" And Olivia would look down, and all the answers would melt away, and the questions would change. No matter how hard she worked, it didn't matter. Nothing ever stayed the same.

At first, it was just an annoyance. After all, she knew the answers, so she could just start again. But then she could hear the ticking of the teacher's clock. And the rattle of the desks as they moved in around her. Olivia could feel it: if she didn't make the deadline, the desks would eat her.

"Another A Plus! But what's this?" The teacher cackled as the questions all rearranged themselves once more. "Oh dear, dearie! Looks like you've got to start again... FROM SCRATCH!!!" Olivia began to sweat as she started a third time, and then a fourth, and then a fifth. And the clock kept ticking, the desks kept getting closer, the deadline kept looming and... and...

Olivia awoke with a start. The room was dark, except for a gentle glow near the side of the bed. There Ella was bending over, holding one battery powered Mobi TykeLight GlowMate and plugging the TykeLight into the wall. Ella said nothing to her sister, but she smiled. Then she walked back to her room again.

Olivia wasn't happy about the whole situation. But she also didn't get up to turn off the Mobi TykeLight either.