Mobi Striker Headphonies Micro Portable Speaker

by Wootbot

Lullaby Of The Vuvuzelas

If your child is going to make past real soccer fans, you’d better start chanting at them now.

Soccer isn’t just about being the best and giving your all. It’s also about standing your ground and enduring. Sure, in America, things are slow, but in the rest of the world, a soccer stadium can be a deafening battleground that rips apart a player's self esteem. Like the Internet, only you can buy beer.

And that’s why your little Pelé needs help. A good parent won’t just encourage their child to play well. A good parent will fill the room with a bunch of Mobi Striker Headphonies Mini Portable Speakers. The design is such that visitors will take one look and assume your little soccer-head truly loves the sport, and that you’re providing three-inch tall encouragement. And you will be! Basically.

Because a Mobi Striker Headphonies Mini Portable Speaker is lightweight, USB powered, and can easily plug into the audio jack of your computer or iPod or Nintendo DS or practically anything at all, which means you can hide these guys all over your child’s room. Remember, if your child wants to play at the World Cup level, they’ve got to be able to endure chanting, swearing, personal insults, half-remembered pop songs and all those terrible things they’ll print in The Sun. The Mobi Striker Headphonies Mini Portable Speaker’s amplified DSP circuits will offer the clear bass and frequency response you’ll want in order to capture every tiny detail of the distracting and hurtful smears you’ll be recording and playing back for your child, 24/7. It might seem hard at first, seeing them so broken down. But as those sweet young tears dissolve into a desensitized warrior of soccer, you’ll know you’re doing the right thing.

And when your child becomes the first American to become a British sports hero? When your child goes down in the history books as the person who won America its very first World Cup? You’ll look down from the skybox with pride, knowing that it was your fine parenting and a Mobi Striker Headphonies Mini Portable Speaker that made all this happen.

Naturally, by that point, your child will be too removed from life to care. But therapy sessions are cheap for athletes. And a legend… a legend lives forever.


Warranty: 90 Day Mobi

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