Mobi Baby Monitor

by wootbot

Rememberances Of Babies Past

The Mobi Baby Monitor lets you keep one ear on your baby. Because you'll never know what great stuff you might otherwise miss.

Michelle wrapped up the Mobi Baby Monitor and sighed sarcastically. "Remember all the good times we had with this, Tim?" she asked. But Tim smiled sincerely, thinking back.

Tim's Memories, In Order

- The night Ella woke him up, crying into the Mobi Baby Monitor because she had a fever.

- The night the dresser Tim had "built" fell apart and the crash over the 2.4GHz wireless transmission sent them running in.

- The night Jake stole the Mobi Baby Monitor and put it outside so Michelle woke up thinking her baby had been kidnapped by a family of owls.

- The night Sharon had the Mobi Baby Monitor set up wrong and basically just kept Ella awake thanks to her singing and the Auto VOX system that activated every time there was noise.

- The night Olivia decided to test the "out-of-range" alerts by sneaking out with her notebook and running back and forth in the street at 2:00 AM.

- The night Tim heard his daughter making little noises that sounded like "Da-Da," even though he lied and agreed with Michelle when she said it was "Ma-Ma" instead.

- And, best of all, the night he heard Jake whisper "Love you, Ella!" when he thought everyone else in the house was asleep.