Mindscope R/C Turbo Twisters Stunt Car 2-Pack

by wootbot

Twister & Shout

Come on, baby. Let's do the Turbo Twister.

How was the wedding?

"Awful. Just awful."

Really? That bad?

"Well, it was going great -- in fact, things were going perfectly. The ceremony was beautiful, the food was delicious, and then we started dancing..."


"You know the song that goes 'Do the Twist'? Yeah, well, that came on, and NATURALLY, I thought, oh, this is where I need to get my Mindscope Turbo Twisters R/C Stunt Car, so I ran to my truck, got my Turbo Twister and brought it to the dance floor and started driving it around."

And the other dancers didn't like that?

"You kidding? They loved it! They were in awe of its 6 colorful LED lights and how it flips, tumbles, and rolls. In fact, it became the hit of the wedding. People were paying more attention to me and my car than the bride and groom. By the time the batteries ran out, I don't even know where they went. I think they might've left, or the wedding might've been over or something. Anyway, I feel really bad."

I can see why. I'd feel bad too.

"I know. It was really stupid of me. I knew I should've put new batteries in before the wedding!"