Melissa & Doug Play Food Bundle

by wootbot

Growing Up Properly

If your child is age three and up, they can have fun with this toy food. It's not for younger kids, though. Toy food might just BLOW THEIR MINDS.

"-and that's why," said Ryan, looking back at Jessica for confirmation, "That's why we believe that little Bristol simply won't grow up to be the kind of three year old who plays with toy food."

The young man behind the counter stared blankly. "Are you planning to order now, sir?"


Jessica and Ryan leaned over the Melissa & Doug Wooden Play Food sets, keeping little Bristol far, far away from the toy food.

"It says three and up, Ryan," Jessica bit her lip nervously. Ryan patted her arm.

"We'll keep her far back, sweetheart. Besides, we're not buying for today. We're comparison-shopping for her future."

Jessica nodded, poking the Pizza Party playset with a cautious finger. "It seems very well made."

Ryan lifted the Fridge Food set and looked close at the waffles. "It's almost enough to fool me. I bet Bristol would love it, once she's old enough."

Jessica tried to shift her little girl so she wouldn't be anywhere near the lovely Play-Time Produce Fruit. "That fruit does look very realistic. Should we plan to give her some, you know, when she turns three?"

Ryan tapped a play cookie against the play cookie sheet. "I think maybe we should. That'll give her an idea of what professional chefs and servers do every day."

Jessica gasped. "But Ryan! What if she takes them for granted! What if the play food gives her so much enjoyment, she assumes everyone working a low paying job is as happy as she?"

Ryan slowly understood. "Why, you're right! She might not understand how hard it is to work a low paying job full of high-stress, such as food service."

"Ryan!" Jessica cried out, looking at Bristol's sleeping face. "What if she's cruel? What if her experience with play food makes her feel superior to those who work in the industry!"

"We can't take that chance, Jessica," said Ryan firmly. "Let's get out of here. And quickly."

"But we have to stop by the Food Court on the way to the car," Jessica decided firmly. "We have to apologize for what we almost might have done three years from now."