Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Wood Block Set

by wootbot

Block Till You Drop

For those about to block... we salute you!

Block is dead, they say. But we say that's not true. And if you plan to keep blockin' with your baby, your baby has to have a set of 60 precision-cut, standard-shaped, solid wooden blocks with which to block out.

When you take them out of the wooden storage crates, you'll find they'll instantly block you like a hurricane. In fact, there's a good chance you'll block all night, and party every day! And one day, when a teacher asks your child what they want to do with their life, your kid will reply: I WANNA BLOCK!

It doesn't matter if you're building the block of ages or living your block and bowl fantasy by setting up blocks and knocking them down like duckpins, these wooden blocks are going to be fun, fun, fun. Block is dead? Pfft. LONG LIVE BLOCK!