Melissa & Doug 60-pc Wood Block Set

by wootbot

The 9th Wonder of the World

The first step to architectural greatness is a set of wooden blocks.

It was on the eve of his receiving the company's lifetime achievement award that somebody finally asked Rick the question, "How did you become so good at building replica souvenirs?"

The countless hours, the days and nights spent in the Stonehenge Souvenir Company offices designing and perfecting hundreds of thousands of Stonehenge models was something that Rick had taken for granted. His precise attention to detail came naturally, and he created souvenir after souvenir with effortless expertise.

To say he was the best at what he did was putting it lightly. He was the king of his craft, an idol for any apprentice souvenir maker. The delicate balance of stacking one block on top of another came naturally to Rick; he was a master of the art.

So on that evening, when Rick was asked where his talent came from, where he developed such precision, he thought back to his childhood, and his mind traced back to the image of his younger self, sitting on his bedroom floor, hunched over a toy, a toy filled with adventure, a toy that would teach him greatness, and a toy that would teach him how to create a masterpiece.

That toy, of course, was his Melissa & Doug 60-pc Wood Block Set.