Melissa & Doug 60-pc Wood Block Set-503

by wootbot

Writer's Blocks

Can't explain with words? Explain with blocks. They're pretty much the first form of art there is.

Michelle hadn't worried that her daughter Ella was quiet. There was no need. It was clear from the way she played with her Melissa & Doug 60-pc Wood Block Set that she was perfectly smart.

For example, someone of Ella's age wouldn't normally think to make a little gladiator pit from the 60 precision-cut wooden blocks. Or balance the pieces to make what was obviously a cathedral. Or to use an innate knowledge of physics to knock over the cathedral in a clear, if childish, reproduction of Martin Luther's famous protest, the one that led to a global schism. Who needed words when making sculpture of such power?

And Michelle knew her family didn't care either. Jake knew Ella's wisdom, Olivia understood every deep and powerful gesture, and Tim- well, sometimes Michelle wished Tim talked slightly LESS than Ella did, but he seemed perfectly happy with his quiet daughter.

Right now, Ella was stacking her blocks back into the wooden storage crate. Michelle nodded with approval. Any child who could understand how to clean up after herself was PRECISELY smart enough. No. Question.