Melissa & Doug 60 Pc Wood Block Set-503

by wootbot

You're Not Gonna Believe What Happened

Why hire a guy to build your magic fortress when you can build it yourself?

No, we're not talking about that thing we're selling super cheap that sold out almost instantly. We're talking about the ongoing story in the daily write-ups! Since last we recapped, everyone's been trying new things and stepping a little outside their comfort zones.

More and more, Jake is expressing his independence while dabbling in the culinary arts and matters of the heart.

Olivia also develops a crush, and an interest in all things football even though she's just trying to prove to her mother that she's not so one-dimensional.

Tim is totally bummed when he realizes that Jake is growing up, but they quickly find something new to bond over … preservative-packed meat in a tube! Meanwhile, Michelle is trying her hand at a little creative expression, but finds out it's a lot harder than she thought.

Alex and his friend Ricky instigate a prank war with their college pal Donald, who chooses the most inopportune, albeit hilarious, moment to exact his revenge. But as far as Alex is concerned, it's not over until the fat Elmo sings. 

So stick around to see how it all unfolds, and to see what other super human feat Ella accomplishes next!