Melissa & Doug 38-Piece Deluxe Stamper Set

by wootbot

Just Like The Grown-Ups

Oh, hello, Miss Teddy! Are you entering the Toy Box Kingdom? Here, let me stamp your passport with my Melissa & Doug Deluxe Stamper Set!

Let’s see, I’ll give you a happy purple bear to show you’ve passed through customs! Stamp stamp stamp! There you go, Miss Teddy! You’re always my favorite, you know. Enjoy your stay! Next?

Ah, Mister Plastic Octopus! It’s so good to see you again, sir! Where are you headed this time? Oh, the bathtub? Well, we are a tourist’s paradise, Mister Plastic Octopus! Here, let me use the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Stamper Set to give you a nice pink… oh, I’ve got it! How about a magical castle? Won’t that impress the folks back home? Have a good visit Mister Plastic Octopus! Next?

Oh, Miss Pony. I can see those weapons from here. Still gun-running? You’ve got to be more subtle or we’ll both get caught! Whoa, whoa, don’t hand me the money directly! Are you crazy? Just leave it in the plant over there and I’ll give you a nice purple “You’re The Best” stamp and you can hurry up and get lost. No, the plant over there. No, over by the… honestly, Miss Pony! Just drop it there and go. No, go! We’re gonna get caught! You’re so unprofessional, sheesh. Next?

Ah, Lord and Lady Model Doll. So good to see you again! Still got that embargo against Toy Box Kingdom? Well, don’t you worry, the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Stamper Set has washable, non-toxic ink, so no one will even know you’ve been here. I’ll just stamp this tiny piece of paper and you can throw it away when you go back home, okay? No one will ever even know that you came here. Oh, you don’t have any fruit, do you? I always forget to ask that! Next?

Miss Teddy! Leaving so soon? Oh, and with Miss Pony’s bag? Well, I sure hope that you left me a little gift in the plant. Oh, yes, I see it! You’re SO good at this, Miss Teddy! I hope you hurry back! I’ll just give you this rainbow stamp… and this butterfly… and I’ll draw a little smiley face with these colored pencils! Tee hee! Playing Customs Official is so much fun with the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Stamper Set!

Oh, no, poor Mister Octopus! You’ve been randomly selected to go through the backscatter before you exit! Now don’t struggle or it might be used against you in a court of law. Please step over here, and be aware if you resist, I am empowered to arrest you.