Melissa & Doug 200pc Wooden Color Blocks

by wootbot

Might Be A True Story One Day

You might think everyone knows what the colors are, but your child just got here. Help 'em out a little, Mom and Dad!

Picture it: your child is finally on the Supreme Court. Today's the day he or she FINALLY puts an end to that political issue you hate. All that has to happen is one simple thing: your child has to point to a piece of paper that's bright red. Only... your child points to the green paper? Oh, no! That thing you hate continues! The nation is in chaos! Newspapers rush to you for a statement, and all you can think to say is "I'm sorry I never taught my child what the colors looked like."

Of course, you COULD just get some of these color blocks and let them have fun building and smashing and dreaming. 200 solid wooden blocks mean hours upon hours of fun. And if, along the way, they accidentally learn the difference between the color red and the color green... hey, we're not PROMISING it might be the only path that can finally save this nation from doom and destruction. But are you willing to take the chance that it WON'T be?