Mega Bloks Skylanders Crusher's Pirate Quest

by wootbot


Pirates IRL are scary. Pirates in imagination are fun! So don't worry, these are not IRL pirates. They're the fun kind.

Most pirate toys, they're gonna be all serious-like. They're gonna focus on the scary weapons or the evil skulls or the dark and gritty angry faces or whatever. What does this pirate ship come with?

A cake slice.

No, really, look at the features down there. Right in between "One treasure chest" and "Scroll" you'll see "Cake Slice" and exactly how confident do you have to be as a pirate to start dragging around a cake slice? The answer, if you don't know, is "very."

So go ahead and take a look at see what else this Crusher's Pirate Quest is offering. Marvel at the mini-dock and the raising sail and the special launcher and all the neat Skylander stuff that's included.

But buy it for the cake slice. Buy it for the cake slice.