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by wootbot

A Woot Classic Moment

We’re having so much fun being lazy reading these old write-ups that we’ve decided to share them with you through the end of our 10th birthday month! Check out this refurb- uh, classic.

The Ridge of Destiny (January 2007)

Some believe that events unfold through random chance, that the texture and timelines of our lives are the product of chaotic, unpredictable accidents. Others think that our paths are laid out before us from the second we’re born; we simply lack the vision to see them. Inherent in each of us, the idea goes, are qualities that make certain events and outcomes inevitable. Call it fate, call it kismet – just don’t call us late for the Alexandria Nicole Cellars wine tasting.

See, the winecrafters at Alexandria Nicole say "pshaw!" to both of these cockamamie theories. Although they grow their grapes at Destiny Ridge Vineyards, they’re leaving nothing to fate or chance. Sure, the renowned Columbia Valley terroir in Washington state provides a lot of the raw material. But wines like this Alexandria Nicole Red Trio don’t just gush forth from the soil. They require a lot of hard work, a wealth of expertise, a dash of human inspiration, and a whole bunch of oak barrels.

What? You think the elegant balance and refined tannins of the 2003 Merlot could possibly be a mere happenstance? You think these grapes just up and produce intense cherry, huckleberry, and dark fruit aromas all by their lonesome? Sorry, buddy – earthy tobacco, mocha, and spice flavors this rich and subtle don’t just grow on vines.

The 2003 Syrah is a triumph of the powers of humanity over the forces of chance. An expressive bouquet of raspberries and dark fruit gives testament to the mad skills of Alexandria Nicole winemakers, corraborated by bold spice, earthy leather, and smoked meat flavors. It’s no accident that this 2003 Syrah is the perfect complement to meals of wild game and roast lamb.

Exhibit C in the case against destiny is the Alexandria Nicole 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon, a masterpiece in dark berry, chocolate, rose petals, and toasty oak. Refined yet powerful tannins balance a bold structure for a complex wine with a lengthy finish. Destiny, shmestiny.

Stand up for free will. Take destiny in your hands – and Destiny Ridge Vineyards in your glass. Proclaim your belief in the power of human agency with this Alexandria Nicole Cellars Red Trio.