Lucky Bums Sleeping Bags - Your Choice

by wootbot

Perfect For Hiding In

Sorry, kid. We need your Lucky Bum sleeping bag to hide from this angry mob.

Oo, boy. It sure is cozy in this lightweight bag. What a great choice for staying warm and hiding from those yelling people with torches! It's just like a camp out, isn't it?

No, no, don't focus on them. Focus on the ergonomic hood with drawstring and the outside pocket. You could hide an MP3 player in that! Which is just what you'll need to drown out the people calling for our heads.

Here, you snuggle down in the bag that's perfect for a backyard camp-out and we'll fire up a classic Brenda Lee song and try not to think about the person that keeps staring us down over there. Is that a tomato he's holding? Wonder what he's gonna do with THAT?