Lock & Lock Living Box

by wootbot

Like In A B-Movie

Beware... THE LIVING BOX!!!! Also it'll hold all your stuff when it's not trying to take over the world.

Tim didn't think twice about giving Alex some of his old club clothes. He was just amazed they were back in fashion. "They're over there," he said, pointing towards the bedroom. "Jake, go help your Uncle Alex fill up that Lock & Lock Living Box of his."

"Why do they call it a living box, Uncle Alex?"

Alex said nothing. He just stood very still.

"Uncle Alex?" Jake walked around to see Alex standing still, with closed eyes.

Your uncle cannot hear you, Jake.

"C'mon, Uncle Alex. Stop it."

There is no Alex. There is only the Lock & Lock Living Box.

"Uncle Alex, stop it! I'll tell Mom!"

Your mother cannot save you, Jakeonymous.


Yes, that was your name in a past life. When we fought. You were a warrior with a magic sword. I was stylish and practical with velcro and zipper closures and a collapsible metal frame.

"Did I win?"


Alex jumped at Jake, waving the Lock & Lock Living Box. Jake screamed and dodged, running out of the room. "Dad! DAAAAAD!"

Tim came out of the bedroom.

"What's going on? Alex, I'm surprised at you! Give me that Lock & Lock Living Box righ-"

As Tim took the box, he shuddered and stood very upright. Then he closed his eyes. Then he spoke in a very deep voice.

You cannot escape, Jakeonymous.

There is no escape. Alex agreed.

And Jake ran screaming down the stairs.

For a moment, Tim felt guilty for going along with Alex's prank. But as soon as Alex started laughing, that moment faded. He was sure Jake would see the humor in it one day. Maybe not for the next year or so. But one day. Possibly after he had kids of his own.