Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits 6-Pack

by wootbot

Nice and Squeezy

It's hard enough to grow teeth, much less do anything with them.

Bristol sat in her high chair as she mashed up the fruit mixture from the pouch in front of her with her tongue and gums and thought, 'Wow. Favorite Parent is so awesome.' And then, she thought of all the reason why.

Favorite Parent always smiled at her, even when she blew out a diaper or screamed because of that painful throbbing in her mouth. Favorite Parent sang songs to her, and even though they weren't always sung on key, it was still better than the way Inferior Parent always played the same four pieces of music over and over again to "stimulate development." whatever that meant.

Favorite Parent never scowled when she didn't feel like looking at card after card of animals and strange markings like Inferior Parent. Instead, Favorite Parent would point at the things she was already looking at and tell her what they were. And Favorite Parent was far more snuggly and warm during cuddle time. Inferior Parent was always fumbling around, trying to hold her while reading another one of those "book" things with other babies on the cover.

And when Bristol was hungry, sometimes Favorite Parent would sit her up in his lap and give her a squeezy pouch of tasty fruit to practice eating with. One time, Inferior Parent was mad at Favorite Parent and said something like "I thought we agreed to make our own baby food." Favorite Parent never once stopped smiling at her, though, as he explained to Inferior Parent that the fruit was "natural, organic, non-GMO Project verified, and gluten-free with no added sugar." Bristol didn't understand what any of that meant, but she liked hearing Favorite Parent say it.

'Uh oh,' Bristol thought. 'There's that weird feeling that happens right before I get stinky.' She looked up at Favorite Parent and smiled a gooey grin. She hoped he'd forgive her for what she was about to do.